Understand what a vaccine is, the different types of vaccines, how it works and why it is so important that we take it

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With the rise of COVID-19, there has been a global effort to develop a workable vaccine that can stop the pandemic that has already killed more than 1.5 million people worldwide in its track. To put the massive number of deaths into perspective, if each person took up 1 square meter, 1.5 million people would comprise of more than 280 football fields side by side.

Fortunately for us, multiple potentially viable vaccines have been developed and are…

How to choose the right tool to protect yourself during a health crisis

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It should be of no surprise to anyone that we are currently in a major health crisis. Termed COVID-19, the coronavirus has spread throughout the globe, testing almost every aspect of each country from health to trade. As a concerned individual, you may consider buying some masks to keep at home in case one of your family members fall ill. However, are masks and respirators truly equal? Why are some masks more expensive than others? What should you look for in a mask? What can you do…

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Are you prepared for the Age of Attention?

Hello World: The Rise of Information

Is the sleep you are getting the right kind? Understanding the stages of sleep and how to hack them

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There is a popular horror story that made its way around the internet about scientists who conducted an experiment. In this experiment, they prevented five subjects from sleeping for 15 days and well… things got creepy, as horror stories go. In reality, what happens to us when we don’t get sleep? In fact, what actually does happen to our body when we sleep? What are some hacks we can use to improve our sleep? …

An everyday guide to one of the most famous formulas in the world

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While E=mc2 has been attributed as one of Albert Einstein’s famous equations, it is interesting to note that the first allusion to this concept was only as a sentence in German. It was in one of his early papers and stated how an object’s mass would diminish when its’ energy is given off. It was only in subsequent papers that this concept was honed into the elegant formula that we know today. In this Guide, we will provide a layman understanding of the concepts behind E=mc2, as…

Understand how your phone battery works and how you can make it last longer

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To say that the smartphone is a crucial component of our everyday lives is an understatement. Just over 20 years ago, it would have been inconceivable that our phones could do what it does today. Of course, with the increase in smartphone capabilities comes an increase in demand for electrical power. This has resulted in huge amounts of investment into Research & Development aiming to improve several components of the smartphone battery from size to capacity. …

Understand Design Thinking and how you can use it to improve your relationships

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In today’s highly globalised world, business problems are significantly more complex. While some problems have yes or no answers, some tend to be vague with no clear parameters in mind. Several frameworks have surfaced over the past decade to tackle problems like these. Design Thinking is one of them and by far one of the more popular frameworks used by major corporations. …

Understand coffee appreciation and how the coffee process brings about different tastes

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Ah, coffee. The fuel that powers humankind. It is a drink that exist in almost every country in the world from the villages in Nepal to the cities of America. Dating back to the 10th century, it was believed to be first discovered in Ethiopia. By the 15th century, it had reached areas including the Middle East, Persia and Turkey. By the 17th century, it reached the rest of the world such as Southeast Asia and the Americas.

The world of coffee appreciation, much like Wine, is a…

Some tips to make your next Google search easier

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Look, I’m sure you know what Google is. I’m sure you know what Googling is. This Guide will jump straight into how you can more effectively find what you want through Google.

Use Quotation Marks for phrases

Understand what Torrenting is, how to begin Torrenting, and how to increase your Torrent speed.

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Repeat after me: Torrenting is not illegal. With the rise of torrent-related crimes appearing on the news, it is no wonder the general public sees torrenting as a route to piracy. While this method of file sharing has indeed encouraged piracy in recent years, the act of torrenting is perfectly legal. In fact, there are several communities that revolve around using torrenting to share large files legally. In this Guide, we will explain what torrenting is and some key processes that go on behind a…

The Guide

The Guide provides you with an understanding of the world around you, all to sound smarter at your next dinner party.

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